"Performed this time by actual children, who have one by one stepped into the adult actors’ places, it bursts with colour, adventure, noise, vigour, the stage sprouting glittering stalagmites and stalactites (designers Chloe Lamford and Camilla Clarke have an absolute field day), giant insects amid towering flowers, this gorgeous place where the bullies stop bullying, the sick get better, the bees are saved, and everybody listens. That’s the key thing. Everybody listens." Maddy Costa

"Their end-of-week show takes on an expansive theatricality as Chloe Lamford and Camilla Clarke's design comes into bloom: as big and beautiful as any Royal Ballet stage. Instead of fumbled silliness and make-do outfits, we see a full-bodied drama: a tale of absent adults and child heroes pitted against death." Matt Trueman

***** Sunday Times

***** Time Out

**** Whats On Stage

**** The Guardian



"the catastrophe that has reduced their immediate environment to a blackened bomb crater, starkly realised in camilla clarke’s darkly atmospheric set"

**** The Guardian

**** The Stage


A thing of beauty.

"The open stage, built inside the Lyceum's rehearsal studio, provides a study-like set under Camilla Clarke visual design, helping create an intense, intimate feeling of the whole. Flying birds, of skylarks and geese, are projected through an all-covering scrim painted with the delicate, annotated line drawings of an ancient herbal."

***** The Stage

"Wind Resistance is first and foremost a masterful piece of storytelling. This is a poignant, unflinching and beautiful show about healing, protection, the fragility of human life and the world around us."

***** The Telegraph

***** The List

***** The Edinburgh Reporter

**** The Guardian

**** What's On Stage


"Hamish Pirie’s Theatre Upstairs production and Camilla Clarke’s design, however, create a terrifying world in which blood cascades down double-glazed windows as the crisis escalates. A powerful alarmist piece of theatre." 

**** The Guardian

Camilla Clarke’s evocative set keeps things resolutely surreal, a Perspex wall splashed by blood, strafed by strobes, behind which nightmarish things are hinted at in the flickering light." 

**** Time Out

"There’s a murky figure in a hazard suit on the other side of the windows; footage of scuttling insects; a sudden fall of ash; creeping creatures in green-lit perspex boxes. Camilla Clarke’s brightly coloured composite set has a strange smack of hamster cage."

 **** The Independent

"Superbly written, wildly imaginative and thought-provoking play" 

****The Art's Desk


As a director, Mathide Lopez’s hallmark is cleverly organised chaos; here she gleefully embraces the artificiality of the situation: showers and rainfall are rendered via torn-up silver paper. As the piece begins, the audience is welcomed into a lavish apartment—beautifully designed by Camilla Clarke.

***** British Theatre Guide

"A performance of rare intimacy that compels us to recognise our conscious prejudices. Yuri is undeniably an absolute pleasure to watch. An original, unforgettable experience."

***** Broadway Baby

***** Buzzmag

“Yuri” is funny. It's funny at the start, at the middle and at the end. Melquiot gives his plot a twist of a finale that is a little outrageous. All in all it is a treat. A space of zigzag carpeting and bright yellow chairs and toaster. Camilla Clarke, hailed this Spring for her work with Volcano, is designer of this madcap space.

**** Theatre Wales

**** The Scotsman


The actors climb beams and walls, swing on ropes suspended from the ceiling, engage in wrestling matches and move around the space in a kinetic blur that makes one breathless just watching them, with a dazzling coup de théâtre that occurs midway through the action and opens the space up into completely new territory. The set design by Camilla Clarke is a visual treat from start to finish.

**** Buzzmag

It is that attention in the source material for Volcano’s wild and thrilling version that designer Camilla Clarke has focused on. The theatrical impact of her concept is achieved in two ways. Not only is the design audacious and excitingly original but director Paul Davies has arranged the action in such a way that its full realisation only becomes clear to the audience in a stunning visual coup.

**** Art Scene in Wales

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