Camilla Clarke

Camilla Clarke - Human Animals

Human Animals


human animals

the royal court theatre

set & costume designer

writer: stef smith

direction: hamish pirie

lighting: lizzie powell

sound: mark melville


"Hamish Pirie’s Theatre Upstairs production and Camilla Clarke’s design, however, create a terrifying world in which blood cascades down double-glazed windows as the crisis escalates. A powerful alarmist piece of theatre." 

**** The Guardian

Camilla Clarke’s evocative set keeps things resolutely surreal, a Perspex wall splashed by blood, strafed by strobes, behind which nightmarish things are hinted at in the flickering light." 

**** Time Out

"There’s a murky figure in a hazard suit on the other side of the windows; footage of scuttling insects; a sudden fall of ash; creeping creatures in green-lit perspex boxes. Camilla Clarke’s brightly coloured composite set has a strange smack of hamster cage."

 **** The Independent

"Superbly written, wildly imaginative and thought-provoking play" 

****The Art's Desk